Restructuring the Sales Organization, Pre, Mid, and Post Recovery

25 February
11:45 am
12:30 pm

About the Session

Sales organizations won't return to a pre pandemic "normal." After spending six months accelerating investments in digital selling capabilities, it's unlikely they'll divest those capabilities during recovery. Instead, they'll be merging the best efficiencies gleaned from their sales force's WFH efforts with a resumption of in person interactions. Sales forces are likely to reorganize job roles and selling processes in new ways, ensuring the next normal will be characterized by innovation in sales organization design, and will reward adaptability as optimal organization structures are revealed.

In this session, we consider how firms should allocate their investments in inside sales, digital sales platforms, and field salespeople to meet the uncertain and dynamic expectations of markets in recovery. Drawing on research, case study examples, and best practice approaches to establishing effective organizational structures, frameworks are offered for how sales organizations should approach their and organizational design decisions in the coming year.

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